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A great Real Food resource is the Weston A. Price Foundation, which has chapters nationwide and internationally.  Real Food Therapy Founder, Karen Voelkening-Behegan is also the  founding leader of the Pasadena CA Chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation.  So if you live in the Pasadena, CA area, check out the WAPF-Pasadena blog or visit the WAPF-Pasadena website to learn more.  Otherwise, go to the Weston A. Price Foundation website to find a chapter near you.

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and cross-country skiing.  I got my Master's degree in 1996 and worked in various capacities as a geographer until I became a stay at-home mom in 2000.

        Growing up in a respected medical family, I became very familiar with conventional medical treatments and developed a great appreciation for how the science of medicine could save lives and resolve acute problems.  But I also noticed that modern medicine was much less successful at resolving chronic health issues.

        So when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis in 2002, and one of my daughters was diagnosed with ADD in 2008, I chose the alternative route.  I joined the Weston A. Price Foundation, studied nutritional therapy and got my NTP and CGP credentials.  Most recently, I finished a very comprehensive RWP certification, which enables me to order and utilize laboratory testing to design individually-tailored nutritional support programs. 

        For years now, nutrition has been the answer that worked for me, my family, and my clients.  With proper nutrition, I gained back enough energy to not only raise my children, but also to change my career, become the founder of the Pasadena California chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation, start my nutritional therapy practice, and run 3 triathlons by the age of 50; and with proper nutrition, my daughter never needed any drugs to help her focus or do well in school.

        Now I meet with individuals and groups as a nutritional therapy practitioner, educator, and coach.  I assess the biochemical needs of each individual and encourage important dietary adjustments, which may be significantly different for each person.  My recommendations generally involve  “Real Food” which simply put, is any food in its most natural, nutrient-dense state, fresh from the earth, free of toxic chemicals, and with minimal to no processing.  In my experience, going back to nature really does produce excellent results.  As the founding leader of the Pasadena California chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation, I’m well equipped to advise my clients on where to find quality foods and how prepare delicious health-giving meals, both efficiently and economically.

        I often wish my 50-year-old self could have advised my 15-year old self when I was growing up.  It would have saved me so much trouble!  I would have avoided hormonal issues and had stabler moods and better focus.  I would have been proud of my appearance and more relaxed and self-confident.  I would have had better overall health, more energy, and much happier relationships.  I would have achieved my dreams much earlier in life. 

        But now I’m here to help you.  Whether you have your whole life ahead of you or you're looking for a fresh new start, Real Food Therapy can help.

        If you’d like to use Real Food nutrition to improve your health, then Real Food Therapy can be your guide.  Whether it's digestion, energy, weight, mood, focus, or even stress management, you can count on Real Food Therapy to help you experience the body and mind you deserve.

        Are you ready to position yourself to achieve your dreams?  With just one free 20-minute inquiry, you’ll discover how we can work together to help you look better, feel better, focus better, perform better, and ultimately live a longer, healthier, happier life. 

        So give me a call.  I’m sure I can help.

        Sincerely Karen,  Your Real Food Therapist

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Hello.  I'm Karen Voelkening-Behegan, MA, NTP, RWP, CGP.  The NTP stands for certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, RWP stands for certified Restorative Wellness Practitioner, and the CGP stands for Certified Gut-And-Psychology-Syndrome Practitioner.  I'm a wife and mother of 2 with a passion for nature, pets, music, geography, foreign languages, walking, hiking,

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