... so you'll look better, feel better, focus better, perform better, and gain the energy you need to live the life you deserve!

Find Real Food Near You!

A great Real Food resource is the Weston A. Price Foundation, which has chapters nationwide and internationally.  Real Food Therapy Founder, Karen Voelkening-Behegan is also the  founding leader of the Pasadena CA Chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation.  So if you live in the Pasadena, CA area, check out the WAPF-Pasadena blog or visit the WAPF-Pasadena website to learn more.  Otherwise, go to the Weston A. Price Foundation website to find a chapter near you.

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​​Testimonials for the Get at the Roots Weight Loss Program abound.  This comprehensive series of 12 classes was developed by Nancy Rose, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Certified Healing Foods Specialist.  It is taught only by qualified professionals with a certification or strong background in nutritional therapy.  More than just a weight loss class, Get at the Roots addresses 10 common problems that can interfere with your ability to achieve and maintain a healthy weight:

  • Digestive Problems
  • Food Sensitivities
  • Yeast Overgrowth
  • Unstable Blood Sugar
  • Fatty Acid Imbalance
  • Dehydration & Mineral Imbalance
  • Stress & Adrenal Fatigue
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Toxin Overload
  • Brain Chemistry Imbalances 

 If you have trouble maintaining a healthy weight, then  Get at the Roots will help you figure out just what your obstacles are and how to resolve them. With the support of your instructor and fellow classmates, you will learn how to balance your nutrition, resolve long-standing issues, and help your body find its most healthy weight.  

Get At The Roots will help you

  • Learn how to combine your foods to speed your metabolism
  • Find your personalized protein requirement base on your Lean Body Mass
  • Find your personalized carbohydrate requirement based on your daily activity level
  • Learn which fats are good for you and how they can help you lose weight

Whether you'd like to do the program at home, in an office, at the hospital, at Real Food Therapy in Sierra Madre, or online, Karen at Real Food Therapy will be happy so set up a class just for you.   Just give us a call, launch your program, and let permanent weight loss become your reward for reaching and maintaining optimal health!  

Real Food Therapy presents ...

To sign up for the next Get at the Roots Weight Loss class with Karen at Real Food Therapy, contact Karen at 330-732-5380 or karen at realfoodtherapy dot com.  Ask if the next class will be held in person or online!

Real Food Therapy offers the amazing Get At the Roots Weight Loss program that has helped countless participants reach and maintain their ideal weight.  At Real Food Therapy, certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Get At The Roots Instructor Karen Voelkening-Behegan is available to lead the program in any location in the Pasadena CA area that can accommodate a small group of 5-15 people, whether at Real Food Therapy or in an office, hospital, or your own living room.  Participants meet weekly for 3 months while they learn and improve their health and weight together!   ​The program is also available to be taught remotely via teleconferencing in order help you save on drive time and simultaneously include your friends and contacts in multiple time zones. 

If you're interested in starting up a group with some friends, neighbors, relatives, or co-workers, please contact karen@realfoodtherapy.com.  Depending on the size of the class, a variety of discounts may be available to you as the organizer.  Or, if you'd like to go solo, you may take the class in the form of private one-on-one consultations with the Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, either in person or remotely.  Whichever path you choose, you'll be delighted with our innovative foundational approach to permanent weight loss that puts health and healing first.